JMP 13.2

Analyzes data from various sources like Microsoft Excel and others
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Pulls data from ODBC-compliant databases or imports it from Excel, and starts working on it, by screening it and scanning for missing values and other gaps that could cause damage in the future. Arranges data to identify emerging patterns and uses histograms and other analysis features for data exploration.

For more than 20 years, statisticians, engineers, data analysts, researchers, marketers and decision makers in almost every industry have relied on JMP to reveal the stories hidden in their data.
JMP allows you to be more efficient, tackle difficult statistical problems and bring your data analysis to a whole new level.

Data and information visualization, design of experiments, and statistical modeling techniques from simple to advanced are all within your grasp with this powerful platform. And when you make JMP your analytic hub, you can work with your other favorite tools: SAS, Microsoft Excel and R.

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